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For 46 years the people of Arkansas have endured the blood guilt of hundreds of thousands of innocent human beings, murdered primarily for the sake of convenience, in our state. We have watched Republican after Republican run on pro-life platforms and give pro-life speeches.

In our last session 8 pro-life laws were passed and as usual abortion in our state continues unabated. In hopes of appeasing the courts we have chosen pragmatism over principle. We have chosen to bow to Man rather than God.

Until we once again place the foundation of our movement on the Rock of Christ and choose the righteous path we fight this battle in vain until we show with our actions that every pre-born babe from conception to birth is of equal value, we will lack the moral consistency to be taken seriously, much less be victorious.

Jesus is King, whenever man's corrupt laws come into conflict with His divine Law, His Commandments are to be obeyed

Abortion is sin, and the natural outcome of a culture of sin, sex, and death.

The Church is obligated by both duty and compassion to rise up and interpose for the helpless and the oppressed.

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