Pastors of Arkansas

Pastor, Alonza Jiles, of New Horizons International Ministries in Searcy, Arkansas, talks about the scourge of abortion on our state and nation and the need for church unity to end it.

Pastor David Overstreet of Whitney Lane in Searcy, Arkansas, exhorts the churches and pastors of Searcy to come together to help completely and immediately abolish abortion in the state of Arkansas.

Scott Skarda, Pastor of Family Christian Fellowship Church in Hazen, AR, calls upon us all to stand with our pastors to erase the atrocity of abortion in Arkansas.

Pat Skarda, pastor of Gospel Mission Church in Des Arc, AR, beseeches all people who stand and proclaim the truth of the Gospel to stand and end the holocaust of the unborn.

Dave Hughey, pastor of Geyer Springs Baptist in Little Rock, exhorts fellow pastors and leaders in Arkansas to unite in an effort to abolish abortion in their state.

Jesus is King, whenever man's corrupt laws come into conflict with His divine Law, His Commandments are to be obeyed

Abortion is sin, and the natural outcome of a culture of sin, sex, and death.

The Church is obligated by both duty and compassion to rise up and interpose for the helpless and the oppressed.

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